Subsidiary companies

Lavimont Brno, a.s. filial

Lavimont Brno, a.s. filial
Company address: Moscow, 1. Tverskaja-Jamskaja ul. 23/1, 125 047, Russia  

Director: Kirillov Aleksey Viktorovich

Considering growing requirements of the Eastern Europe market and to achieve complete turnkey implementation of the projects we established a daughter company "LAVIMONT BRNO" a.s. filial in the Russian Federation in 2008.

At present the "LAVIMONT BRNO" a.s. filial operates as an independent unit on the Russian market. Strong material and technical base and extensive experience and knowledge of our qualified specialists represent the starting point for implementation of ambitious projects. We own the appropriate certificate authorizing us to perform construction and installation works in the Russian Federation, including the General Contractor, see the appendix Certificates. Our specialists worked on implementation of number of projects in the Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus, Estonia and Tajikistan. For more information of the implemented projects, see the section Implemented Projects.

Lavimont Design

Lavimont Design, spol. s r.o.
Company address: M. Steyskalova 10, CZ 616 00 Brno

Main department: Okružní 875/19a, CZ 638 00  Brno

Director: Ing. Jiří Hadaš
tel. 532 045 931
fax 532 045 933

Project Documentation:

  • Initial and detail designs for chemical and power industries, including isometric drawings of piping systems
  • Design studies and plans
  • Heating designs of industrial areas, workshops and other areas
  • Assembly designs of lifting and handling systems
  • Statics, strength and heat calculations

Production Documentation:

  • Apparatuses for chemical and power industries including nuclear power industry (process, storage, pressure and non-pressure tanks, exchangers including  designs according to specified parameters, columns, filters, vacuum ovens, etc.)
  • Piping for chemical and power industries
  • Other machine equipment, steel structures
  • Lifting and transport devices

Documentation, including calculations, is compiled in compliance with the ČSN, EN, DIN, ASME, and GOST standards.

Lavimont Modelárna

Lavimont Modelárna, spol. s r.o.
Company address: Olomoucká 3419/7/9, CZ 656 66  Brno

Director: Vlastimil Kostron
tel. 545 103 691-2, 602 531 306
fax 545 103 692

Production Programme:

  • Production of wooden model equipment for single and series production using sawn wood and plane materials for the production of iron, steel and aluminium castings
  • Production of resinous model equipment for series production and more stressed models
  • Production of model equipment made by using a combination of various kinds of materials (including metals) according to customer requirements
  • Production of model equipment made of polystyrene
  • Model equipment made by laminating
  • Repair and consultancy services for model equipment
  • Laminating forms
  • Scale-models for copying
  • Forms for various kinds of applications in production
  • Cabinet-work and joinery products made on requirement
  • Wood milling and turning (turning up to a diameter of 4 m); model sizes: from the smallest models up to models of 7 m in length and 5 m in width (or 4.5 m in diameter)