The integration mineral-matrix technology (IMM-technology) represent a way of decontamination and disinfection of various types of wastes (liquid, viscous-plastic and solid).

The technology is based on the ability of aluminates and silicates destroy itself under alkaline condition, with subsequent synthesis of new equilibrium structure, thus allowing the reproducing of natural processes of minerals forming in artificially created conditions. In the process of physicochemical transformation of waste, containing substances and elements act as centres for creation of new geopolymer equilibrium structure, maximum reducing their mobility in the body of created material while minimizing risks of their migration in environment. Furthermore, due to the reaction, accompanied the geopolymer synthesis process of deep alkaline hydrolysis with high potential of hydrogen (Ph=9÷11), take place the destruction of pathogenic microflora and is achieved neutralization of waste.

As the result of the implementation of IMM-technology is created non-combustible, environmentally safe geopolymer with the projected (controlled) physico-mechanical and physico-chemical characteristics, which has potentially a wide range of use in solving of geotechnical and geo-ecological objectives.

The IMM-technology of geopolymerization as an alternative method of sewage sludge recycling, which allows decontamination and disinfection of sewage sludge, can be applied for example as follows:

  • Production of building material – geopolymer GUT (fortified soil-technogenic geopolymer)
  • Production of garden soil
  • Production of rolled lawns, etc.

Production of building material - geopolymer

Production of geopolymer GUT using sewage sludge is based on the dosing of geopolymerization activator (MKD) together with cement and sand.

MKD is a hydrophilic powder, composed of aggregated fine clay particles, modified by transition metals ions (Са+, Са++, Mg+, Mg++). In the composition of MKD, depending on planned use, can be additionally included waterproofing, reinforcing, or other special additive.

Physico-mechanical and physico-chemical characteristics of geopolymer GUT can range depending on scope of its application, and, after the end of the lithification process, in the project age (28th day), are in the range:

  • Density 2,0÷2,1 t/m3
  • Compressive strength 1÷10 MPa

Freshly prepared geopolymer is a viscous-plastic, homogeneous (paste-like consistency), hardening mass of grey or brown colour, with moisture 40÷55%.

Delivery of geopolymerization activator MKD

The company LAVIMONT BRNO, a.s. offers delivery of geopolymerization activator MKD. Further details are available by requesting to the electronic address