Main water treatment equipment production range:

           Water filtration units RUN AQUA-MF for rough preliminary clearing of raw water (depth of the filtration 1000-100 µm) as well for finishing preparation of deeply clarified water (depth of the filtration 20-0,2 microns);

           Water filtration units RUN AQUA-F for clarification (removal of undissolved impurities), removal of iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, free chlorine and organic compounds;

           ION exchange units RUN AQUA-ION for water purification by ion exchange process (softening, dealkalization, desalination, removal of nitrates, etc.);

           Reagents dosing units RUN AQUA-DOS for chemical treatment by coagulants, sterilizing chemicals, acids, alkalines, antiscalants, etc;

           Ultrafiltration units RUN AQUA-UF process of membrane filtration, which allows to extract from water the colloidal particles, micro-organisms (viruses and bacteria), large organic macromolecules that determine the colour of water, having the size of  0,01-0,1 mm and a molecular weight of more than 1000;

           Reverse osmosis units RUN AQUA-RO for production of partially or deeply desalinated water from surface or underground sources, also for sea water desalination;

           Electrodeionization units RUN AQUA-EDI for water desalination at the finishing stage of water purification and obtaining the water with the electrical resistivity up to 16-18 МΩ*cm without the use of chemicals;

           Pumps stations RUN AQUA-PS;

           Water sterilization units RUN AQUA-UV to destroy pathogens present in the water using ultraviolet radiation of high intensity;

           Water degasifiers RUN AQUA-D for removal of CO2;

           Membrane degasifiers RUN AQUA-MD for removal from the water dissolved or formed during its treatment gases;

           Compressed air stations RUN AQUA-AS for water aeration and for the preparation of compressed air for process control;

           Ozonation units RUN AQUA-O3 for water disinfection and for oxidation of iron and organic substances in water.